FonB Base Package provides mobility and phonebook solutions to your Asterisk.

It empowers users with the ability to: make, receive & transfer calls between their WebPhone, Mobile Phone and Desk Phone, sync their Google/iPhone personal Contacts. Users can also dial all their contacts easily including Asterisk defined Speed Dials and Extensions.


FonB Features

Mobility at your Finger tips

Move your call in real time from one device to another with simple clicks, without the other party noticing.

Active Calls

Display all your ongoing calls and help you deciding the right device based on available network medium.

Real Time Telephony Interaction

Including Conference, Transfer, Hold, etc... to interact with other parties, all in real time!

Unified Call History

Intuitive, easy to understand unified call listings no matter if the call was made by using IP Phone, Webphone or Mobile App.

Real Time Call Information

Showing you everything you need to know about the call including number lookup, contact source, timers and much more - all in real time.

Push Notification

To optimize and enhance your smartphone power efficiency, without affecting its performance.

Number Rewrite Rules

No more 9 or 001 at the beginning of your numbers. Simplify your dialing by adding rules that control dialed digits based on predefined rules.

Voice Mail Management

Keeps you updated with your voice mail no matter where you are. FonB brings you the true mobility with all Unified Communication features right at your fingertips.

Contacts Synchronization

Synchronizes multiple phonebooks throughout the different devices you use. FonB can sync and provide Google, iPhone, Android, Highrise CRM, Asterisk Internal Extensions, Speed Dials and MyContacts to your mobile, web phone, and IP Phone.